Celestial Grace Book

  • Book Title : Celestial Grace
  • Publisher : Naad Pargaas
  • Author: Amandeep Singh

Celestial Grace: The poetry of a soul

Several aspects of modern life are proving out to be heavy burden on the hearts of sensitive men. Majority of the human race, therefore, has become insensitive to these burdens and pretend to be satisfied, but a minority has started looking inward, to rediscover the truths lost in the mist of modern life, and open its heart s experience to higher spiritual experiences. “Celestial Grace”, published by Amritsar (Punjab) based Naad Pargaas, is one of such endeavours of this small minority. It comprises of poems and spiritual articles that are an attempt to bring a pause to the ever-growing speed of modern life. This book is a humble attempt to rediscover the inner treasure within every one of us in order to resume our communion with The Almighty, and aspires to usher a realization in our wider self that our actions need to be governed by the utmost divinity of spirituality.

Although it is called Celestial Grace, this book might be more appropriately be called A Prayer. Apart from original poems, essays, creative prose, etc. itc has excerts from carefully selected works from the giants of world literature, all of which are compiled in a work that exudes the sincerity and utter devotion of prayer. The book is a prayer in that it makes the reader more expansive, and takes him beyond the reason, limits, and realities of his usual existence. The book is a jarring reminder that beyond the prism of quotidian life there lies something more profound. A particularly powerful example of this is the inclusion of poems and quotes by Rumi, Bhai Vir Singh, Puran Singh and Khalil Gibran. This wide spectrum of references makes the Sikh reader s journey beyond his usual boundaries, inspiring him to experience the flight of a seeker who yearns for spiritual cosmos, thereby promulgating man to man relationships solely tied to each other by the tenets of love. The rest of the writings in the book have a similarly enriching effect. Chief among them are the reflections on democracy in “True Democracy,” musings on Punjabi musical, literary, and cultural traditions in “Changing Expressions of Culture in Punjab,” the ruminations on intellectual history called “Modern materialism to oriental spiritualism”, and the divinity of Anand karaj is disclosed in order to remind reader how the spirit of universe rests within the institution of marriage. These essays not only provide a radical interpretation on ideas that we typically take for granted, they interpret these ideas through a Sikh lens, infusing them as well as the reader with a new vigor.

Amandeep Singh can be reached at amandeepsingh@naadpargaas.org

My Strength

Come wakeup my strength,
The Almighty within is waiting!
For He wants you to hold the Sky and;
rise in love,
for His blessing.

But wait my strength,
The Earth too here is yearning!
For before you touch the heaven;
Her wounds are craving,
for a meek caring.

Then hold my mere strength,
these winds may craft you weak.
As you are a strength of a petty human;
a creation of the Creator Thee.

But when He shall stand for your might,
as you surrender to only Thee.
Your cry shall reach the heaven, my strength;
when you have the strength to cry for Thee
and lose your little i in Thee! lose your little i in Thee!

(An excerpt from the book)