Vismad Book

  • Book Title : VISMAD: The Sikh Alternative
  • Publisher: Naad Pargaas
  • Author: Dr. Gurbhagat Singh

    Former Head & Prof. English Department,

    Punjabi University, Patiala.

  • Contents


    The Song of Divine Jouissance/ Anand

    The Song of Twelve Months/ Bärhä Mähä

    The Song of Twelve Months/ Bärhä Mähä

    Meditation/ Japu

    The Divine Ballad of Räg Äsä/ Äsä Ki Vär

    In Praise of the Timeless/ Akäl Ustat

    Chapter VI : Contemplation/ Jaap

    Chapter VII : Capital for the Voyage/ Rahiräs

    Chapter VIII: The Festive Song of Praise/ Kirtan Sohilä

    Chapter IX : The Jewel of Peace/ Sukhmani

    Chapter X : Reverence/ Ärti